How Become BFA Graduate

How the B.F.A. Degree Course came in to Exhistance? Under Open University Scheme?

This is the great Visionary of His Holyness, Sri Sri Sri Trinetra Mahantha Shivayogi Swamiji, Peethadyaksharu, Baby Matt of Mandya District and the President of D.M.S. Lalithakala Mahasamsthana, Mysore. It is a matter of grate pleasure and previlage to DMS-LKMS Mysore. This is the partnership Institution under KSOU Mysore. Since 2005 imparting Training for BFA Degree Programme and so for three Batches of Final year Degree students have came out successfully with Gold Medles & Ranks.

The proposal to starting the Master of Visual Art Degree (MVA) and Lateral Entry to Final Year BFA Course of One year for those who have passed 5years Diploma in Drawing and Painting / Applied Art. or its equivalent in Co-Ordination with Karnataka State Open University Mysore was placed before the Honbl.Vice Chancellor, Dr. K.S. Rangappa the most popular Scientist and Educationalist who was immensely pleased and readily accepted the proposal and moved this unique proposal with all its accademic and administrative bodies in getting their clearance at all level and gave the green signal and Launched successfully the M.V.A. and Leteral Entry to Final Year Degree programme from the Academic year 2010-11. With the Governance of its Memorandom of Understanding (MOU) between D.M.S-L.K.M.S. Mysore and Karnataka State Open University Mysore.
Academic Administration :
Prof. V.B. Hiregoudar, (The Senior Artist of Karnataka and Rtd. Principle of University College, of Fine Art Davangere. has been appointed as Hon. Dean of the college to organise the Academic activities. Under his able guidance with the team of eminent visiting Professors of various subjects are Invited to lead the contact programmes of the academic year in an effective manner.

Name and the venue of Institution :

D.M.S. Lalithakala Maha Samsthana, Vijayanagara 4th Stage, 2nd Phase, Hinkal-Bogadi Ring Road, Mysore-17.
Distance From :

i) Mysore Railway Station - DMS-LKMS = 9kms.

ii) Mysore KSRTC Bus Station - DMS-LKMS = 11kms.

iii) Mysore Suburben Bus Station - DMS-LKMS = 10kms.

a) About B.F.A. Degree Course :

Bacheller of Fine Art (BFA). Ofered by Karnataka State Open University Mysore.

Duration of the Course : 3 years

The Eligibility for Admission :

i) Candidate must have completed 18 years of an age on the date of Notification for admission.

ii) Pass in S.S.L.C. / H.S.C./ any other certificate issued by any State Secondary Examination Board considered as equivalent or with PUC (No age limit.)

iii) Interest in Art of Drawing and Painting.

The Academic Training facilities are made by DMS-LKMS Mysore Conduct of Examination and Award of Degree certificates to the successful candidates shall be by K.S.O.U. Mysore.

You can opt any one of the following subjects for your B.F.A. :

1) Realistic Art

2) Modern Art

3) Applied Art

b) About Lateral Entry to 3rd year BFA : (One Year)

Eligibility : The students must have passed Five year Diploma in Drawing & Painting / Art Master Course of 5 years / Applied Art Duration - One Year.

c) About Master of Visual Art (MVA) :

Eligibility : Pass in BFA / (Lateral Entry Pass with 55% of Marks.) BVA / B.Fine / BA Fine Art / BFA Importance of the Study of Visual Art :

There are plenty of Degrees to earn money. But the Degree in Fine Arts which brings peace of mind to an individual and bestow the Divine pleasure for your good Future. Distance Education in Fine Arts enables the growth of aesthetic sense in the Minds of Art lovers. Study of fine arts helps to inculcate patience, Sense of beauty and Aesthetic sense. As it is said by the great thinkers that, close your Eyes and Chant in a silentmode "Satyam Shivam Sundaram" Automatically the disterbed mind is refined through this yoga. The general health of an Individual and the society at large, will be tuned up to Tranculity. The Open University Scheme of in fine arts education plays a greater role in developing and conservating the rich heritage of our country which glorifies the ancient Fine Arts of India.

Under changing needs of the country with the advent of new Technological development, runing on Globalisation. Our Institution has found and created a new chanel under distance education so as to provide Art Education to all class of people including the people who are residing in the remote corners of the country those who are deprived from the reguler study of Art and such of the people can awail the Golden aportunity at their door step and feel the use of its importance for their beter future.
Use of the Study :
The BFA / MVA Degree Awarded by this University creats the self - confidence in the ameture Artists like you. Your ability in the Fine Arts gets a suitable reward. You will be one who can command the respect in the society. Your BFA /MVA qalification would help you for government and semi-government jobs and eligibility to get promotions at appropriate time like any other graduates. It also enables you for recognition for Awards, Membership of Academies etc.

After getting BFA, the new gate will be opened for Master Degree and after completing Master Degree another wider gate will be opened to enter into Ph.D. Programme. Where in your social spectrum will be elevated which you will enjoy the Social Honour extended by the society.

Advantages / Possibilities of Distance Education :
How can this practical oriented study of fine arts can be imparted through distance education? was the big question. But today this question seems to have become meaning less. The prose and Cones have been worked out at the need of this hour. After detailed analysis in respect of the possiblities of the nature of such education.
Ultimately it was decided to start BFA Degree Course under Distance Education Scheme. Hence ofter bringing up this Challenging Scheme K.S.O.U. has agreed and given affiliation to the DMS Lalithakala Maha Samsthana. Eventually Fine Arts differs from intellectual based subjects, like Science and Technology. But Fine Art deals with feelings, which is related to mind & soul Therefore it is necessary to know the views of aestheticians and philosophers that, what they mean about?
Aestheticisms, Art crities, Philosopher and Psychologists are of the opinion that "Artists are not made, but they are born! and god gifted. There are number of examples to support this openion. Art is the media of communication of the experience of one's emotion. This innate tendency of creating an Art form, to such of the emotion, cannot be learnt in any school of art or under any Teacher of art. An artist gets inspiration to create a work of art through his introspection and imagination by his own creativity. Therefore many thinkers said art is a gift of God. Which is the heavenly language. It is not so easily accessible to everyone. The art schools can nurture this inborn quality through teaching skills and medias. Today this task can be easily performed through distance education by use of latest Scintific medias like web sight, Online (Internet) C.D', VCD, DVD and other Medias of information techniques.

Among the fine arts the performing Art cannot stay permanantly with its time where as the out come of visual arts stay with its time. They would become the media to communicate the culture, tradition and the glory of the times that they represent. For example places like Ajanta, Ellora, Elephanta Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal, Hampi, Belur Halebeedu and so on, can able to bring Crores of foreign exchange to our country, by the Foreign travelors and Visitors by which they establish the greatness of Indian Heritage of Art and Culture.