Healing Aspects of Colour

Healing Aspects of Colour
out what art can do for you...

induces regeneration of the body, balances mental stress & turmoil, expands
and stimulates the mind, energises. It rejuvenates the bodies energies, and
calms & relaxes tensions and anxieties. It changes your moods, attitudes
and health simply by having one of these beautiful artworks displayed in your
home, they will bring to you a more balanced, harmonious life.


* RED; has a revitalising effect on our bodies as it
stimulates the nervous system. When you are tired and feeling run down, focus
on the colour red and this will generate more energy for you. It projects an
air of vitality & energy, dispels selfishness, aggression and anger. It
is beneficial for physical exhaustion, worry and fear. The colour red in bedrooms
may induce the passions and desires, but also symbolizes stability, security
and grounding.

is the colour of universal love.

it will bring you a sense of inner peace, harmony,

tolerance and compassion. It helps you to relax and

cures stress-related problems. It represents affection and harmony.

* ORANGE; this is a balancing colour, similar to red it
has an enlivening energy to it. Being a cheerful, warm colour , orange can be
used to remove fears or inhibitions from living. Aiding in the expansion of
the mind, it also good for forgiveness and freedom, as it  dispels hate,
bitterness and your own self dislikes. It activates the intellect, enabling
one to focus and concentrate and stimulates physical, as well as mental
energies. Iit's use is recommended for the lungs, bronchitis and asthma,
emotional stress, kidney problems, also relaxes muscle spasms and cramps.

* YELLOW; this colour connects with the intellect, an
inspiring colour, yellow awakens and stimulates the mental faculties. It can
be used to dispel depression and anxiety for it promotes optimism and
joyousness. Using it will inspire you to communicate more with those around
you, to be more expressive and mentally competent. Yellow will dispel
judgement, criticism and the inability to enjoy life. It will enforce
optimism, joy and newness to life. Yellow, activates joy and optimism, it
stimulates the mind & nervous system and helpful for depression, anxiety,
stomach troubles, constipation, hearing loss, the skin and liver.

* GREEN; is the colour of nature. Relaxing &
refreshing this colour soothes tension in the muscles and nerves. The colour
green will promote determination, efficiency, poise and patience.  It can
be used bring to bring harmony into your life , by inducing patience, peace
and balance. It is the colour of love and caring, it dispels jealousy,
possessiveness and insecurity. Green being a peaceful serene colour, can be
used in rooms that require rest and relaxation such as a bedroom, or sunroom
and even in the kitchen as it will help creativity. Green is uplifting and
relaxing, it stimulates the nerves and refreshes the body.

* BLUE; a peaceful & relaxing colour, will soothe
distraught nerves and mental anguish. This colour induces a feeling of
security and stimulations a feeling of inner peace, it is uplifting on a
spiritual level and helps one to expand and evolve further into
self-understanding and development. Blue will help us get in touch with
yourself more, creating an inner peace and tranquillity. It lends
tranquillity to its surroundings , it is great for bedrooms, dens and in
small rooms a light blue with create the feeling of spaciousness and light.
Blue pacifies the nerves and mind it brings about a sense of serenity.

* INDIGO; induces spiritual unfoldment, it helps the
development of intuition and understanding in oneself. It devolves the inner
fears, inhibitions, and frustrations and helps manifest love in to our natures.
Wears of indigo have a love of beauty and perceive life in a harmonious
state, they are understanding and balanced. Indigo will promote the
development of intuition and the love nature, it helps dispel our fears and
phobias and have a better understanding for mankind.

* VIOLET; Promotes the desire to consciously learn the
quality of life process. This colour will induce the need to study the
unknown forces behind situations and circumstances. This colour is linked with
the need for spiritual achievement, and perfection of the self. The colour
Violet will dispels frustration, criticism  & lack of self worth, it
enforces the intuition, responsibility and develops self worth. Violet
cultivates the tendency to accept nothing at face value  and so is
beneficial in libraries or study rooms as it also helps with concentration
& focus.

helps a person

to become connected to their true purpose and understanding of life.

You can communicate with "God/dess"so to speak. This is truly a

spiritual colour, invoking healing and connection to the creator.

White helps to align, ground and heal a
person. White show us that we are all made from the one source and that we
all share in the same scheme of life's divine plan. Meditation with the
colour white produces qualities of perfection, truth, love and wholeness.
This colour is a very pure colour and will help balance all negative traits
and attitudes.

Silver brings a sense of strength that is
guided from other planes of consciousness. What this means is that with this
colour you can contact other life forms. You are also able to access
information for future and also past lives.

Brown can bring about a sense of groundedness
and connection to the earth. This colour helps one to come into contact with
the plants, animals and the spirit of the earth.
Black is usually a negative colour that
tells of sickness or blockages with a being. However when it is used for
healing it can actually help a person to block out negative influences and
evil spirits.